An Important Film To See


Your health and the health of your family are part of a giant ongoing experiment. This experiment includes not only those close to you, it extends to the entire planet. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are proliferating throughout the world’s food supply without having been fully tested for safety. There is evidence that we are poisoning ourselves, and our children, with these new Franken-foods.

This disturbing situation is detailed in the movie Genetic Roulette (The Gamble of Our Lives). Genetic Roulette is an award winning film that alerts us to the questions and dangers that surround the explosion of GMO’s in our food chain. It is worth your time and health to watch this film. It likely will change your mind and your eating habits forever.

The Organic Roullette trailer and information on the film can be found HERE. The film can also be purchased at this LINK and is available for rental on Vimeo HERE.

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Thane Ritchie is the founder of Ritchie Capital Management who currently is involved in private equity and energy investments.