It’s How You Come Back


Tom Brady posted a picture of Boston Celtics Point Guard Isaiah Thomas with the message:

“Its how you come back … Good luck tonight. We all have your back.”

With the Celtics down 0-2, the NFL champ figured the C’s needed a little motivation. Brady knows this is where Boston thrives, from behind.

Tom Brady, arguably the greatest to ever play football, was a sixth round draft pick. The Globe described him as a QB that would “compete for a practice squad spot with the Patriots.” Not many thought Brady had what it took to be a starter. He too began his run, from behind. However in 2017, Tom Brady currently has five super bowl rings. If anyone is qualified to give advice about not giving up, it is Tom Brady, “The Comeback King.”

After Brady’s post, Isaiah Thomas went on to lead the team to a six game playoff winning streak. But Bostonians know this is nothing out of the ordinary for the C’s point guard. Thomas began his career as the last draft pick from 2011. However in this single 2017 season, Isaiah Thomas has scored more points than 34 of the 59 players taken before him have in their entire NBA careers. Despite his humble beginnings Thomas is clearly a top tier athlete.

Defying the odds is something that has always been a ‘large’ part of Thomas’s game. Isaiah Thomas is 5’9, and currently holds the record for the shortest player in the NBA. Throughout his life-long basketball career, Thomas, shorter than the average male, has had to use agility and quickness to make up for his lack of size. Today he is ranked number 3 in scoring (points per game) regardless of height.

Nothing on Isaiah Thomas’ vast resume of surpassing expectations comes close to what he’s done this postseason. On the night before the NBA playoffs began, Thomas received the tragic news of his little sister Chyna Thomas’s death. Showing incredible inner strength and character, Isaiah Thomas stated,

“When I found out the news (of the single vehicle car accident), I wanted to give up and quit. Never in my life have I thought about quitting … quitting isn’t an option. …. I will keep going for my sister”

After 2 losses to the Chicago Bulls, Thomas and the Celtics came back to win the next four games and close out the series. On May 2nd, in round two of the playoffs, Thomas scored 53 points, something that hasn’t been done in 2003. His athletic performance that night was incredible, and it was the reason the Celtics came back to win in over time. When asked where he got his motivation for the game, he told the camera, “my sister.”

“She would have been 23 today. Everything I do is for her”

Regardless of wherever the Celtics postseason takes them, what Isaiah Thomas has accomplished is truly remarkable. In a very Brady-like manner he is showing us it is not about what life deals you; those circumstances don’t have to define you. Its how you come back.

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Thane Ritchie is the founder of Ritchie Capital Management who currently is involved in private equity and energy investments.