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Sep 28


San Francisco recently hosted the Wearable Tech in Sport Summit–a two-day summit aimed at providing “deep insight into how the sports industry is being shaped by wearable technology and digital fitness.” Presented by Innovation Enterprise, a global innovation enterprise across various sectors, the summit brought together leaders from the sports and fitness industries to discuss how wearables allow the individual athlete to make more informed decisions based on their fitness results.

The summit noted that this new information has made the industry evolve with this new found level of individual analysis. To provide that insight the summit brought in a who’s who of leaders across sports and fitness. Speakers included leaders from Intel, Samsung, Adidas, the USOC and the San Francisco 49ers.

The summit boasts over 150 industry leaders and over a days worth of networking opportunities. To back their findings, the summit also has over 20 case studies from “only the most innovative companies.” These studies and presentations revolved around topics from mobile fitness to sports science.

I wasn’t unable to attend the summit this year, but I am excited to hear what emerges in the coming weeks and months. As the summit noted, the landscape of these industries continue to change at a rapid pace. With sports and fitness tech both constantly upgrading and evolving, it is important to stay on the pulse of innovation, especially if you are planning on making investments. While I can’t personally endorse this year’s event, it looks to be the sort of summit the industry will continue to need in the coming years.

Did you attend this year’s summit? Let me know in the replies. I’d love to hear your takeaways.